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hey guys just an important little msg

im going back to uni on tuesday (aest) and i mightnt be avaliable to really talk to people or communicate about things. i will still be ‘active’ in inverted commas but bc i have a lot of work to do + the fact that for some classes i will be going into uni due to restrictions being slightly reduced where i am

ill still be online but even less frequently than i already am lmao :D


wokenhardies -

post on tumblr: omg guys if you cant afford photoshop DO NOT click this link and DO NOT download this pirated version omg omg

me, a autistic who doesnt quite get what theyre saying: ...so do i or not--

wokenhardies -

and then it turns out it doesnt work on mac! why does my life do this to me :(

im gonna change my icon bc apparently its creator is an ace exclusionist and :( so yeah

update; new icon! everyone support @sagravi on instagram!!!

tbh as an abuse survivor it constantly feels painful when others are able to get out there stories about being abused in fanbases/communities but i... cannot. which sucks.

like maybe its a good thing, because shes not as big as i thought she once was but now i feel even worse bc of the fact that it was 4 yrs ago and i should be over it by now.

so i have an assignment that needs to be done by sunday at 11:59pm, two different story ideas that have been rumbling in my head plus continuing the calawayverse with slightly modified continuity plus my dumb mlp au story



current mood, going into full on anime supervillain

look i feel uncomfortable with sharing anything to do with the protests and george floyd and police brutality and black lives matter and acab bc i am white, so it feels like im more white knighting the whole situation to make myself feel better. im angry and im tired and i just want this all to stop.

theres people on dA complaining about eclipse and saying theyll leave dA bc of a simple aesthetic change

theres people on tumblr complaining about the lack of people reblogging their work

and then theres me who gets ignored any platform im on when i have so many ideas and stories but im not bitter what are you talking about--

hey have u ever shaken a bottle of coke and left the lid on for a few seconds before opening it and watching it explode

bc thats how im feeling right now


ugh i feel like my biggest problem is my abuser was able to disguise herself as the 'mom friend' and the 'nice one' so all my stories of her abuse feel definetly faked in the grand scheme of things

like i know im not gonna get closure or really ANY help from that community but it would be nice for someone to call her on her bs at some point

kin vent under the cut

the idea that you aren’t real and were never real is scary

there’s no way to address that fear without being made aware of it

i started a tumblr recovery/trauma related blog and decided, bc i wanted to, to look up a*y d*nne from the movie gone girl on the website

i have never regretted a decision more