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tbh as an abuse survivor it constantly feels painful when others are able to get out there stories about being abused in fanbases/communities but i... cannot. which sucks.

like maybe its a good thing, because shes not as big as i thought she once was but now i feel even worse bc of the fact that it was 4 yrs ago and i should be over it by now.

current mood, going into full on anime supervillain

look i feel uncomfortable with sharing anything to do with the protests and george floyd and police brutality and black lives matter and acab bc i am white, so it feels like im more white knighting the whole situation to make myself feel better. im angry and im tired and i just want this all to stop.

hey have u ever shaken a bottle of coke and left the lid on for a few seconds before opening it and watching it explode

bc thats how im feeling right now

vent under the cut

at this point i am so tired of people bitching about copra or whatever its fucking called or demonitization forgetting that yt/google is a business and is caring more about the money than whats best for its userbase/audience so like… it was fucking obvious that theyd suck the fccs dick about 'protecting kids' from 'bad content' and honestly - people shouldnt complain about it now bc it means you can cuss and show nips in videos w/o getting into trouble so yeah fuck this

big fat dni under the cut plz ignore tw abuse etc etc

ugh tfw u find out about the fact that ur abusive friend has bpd as well as bipolar disorder and if u do call her out on her behaviour shes gonna use that as an excuse for her actions

at this point im so used to both of them doing this… honestly bitchie and c**ntumn dont matter anymore but it doesnt stop me from being stupid